PledgeMusic Storefronts

UX and UI for custom campaign site builder.

The Challenge

PledgeMusic is an on-line direct-to-fan music platform. Artists create campaigns to promote and sell a variety of merchandise and experiences. Artists frequently expressed wanting more control over their brand and customization over how fans experienced their campaign.

My goal was to design a way for the artist's team to easily create a fully custom campaign site. The balance was allowing for enough flexibility without implementing too many options.

I started by researching companies in the space such as Bandzoogle, Music Glue, and Bandcamp. I then moved on to other sites such as Squarespace, Big Cartel, and Shopify.

From there, I began wireframing the experience. It was broken into two parts: the storefront dashboard and the campaign site.

Storefront Flow

Fan purchase flow

Wireframe Store builder

Store admin wireframe

Content add flow

Content block variations

Content blocks

Site content blocks

Content blocks
Content blocks

I established that every piece of the site could be broken into a component which would allow for a limited amount of customization. This greatly helped keep our development scope in-check and allowed me to be creative within the constraints.

From there, I started to create some UI standards and components.

Admin 1
Storefront admin

Storefront admin

Storefront admin 2

Header module

Storefront admin 3

Content module

Custom site delight

I then moved on to what a custom site would look like exploring several options for displaying content based on the component rules I had established.

Deva Mahal Desktop
Depeche Mode mobile
The Flaming Lips
Live Here Now

Item cards

I also redesigned the item card to better accommodate all the information a product might have including multiple currencies, multiple images, and status flags.

Item cards
Item card clicked

Item card clicked

item card mobile
Item card mobile

As time allowed, I prototyped some interaction patterns via Sketch and Invision helping to make the experience feel complete.

Mobile nav interaction
Save button interaction

What went right and wrong

The PledgeMusic Storefront became an important tool in the Sales team's arsenal. It gave the artists and their teams features they had been asking for and in turn were more prone to choose Pledge over the competition.

On the negative side, I would have liked for this tool to have been built as a standalone application that was open to all PledgeMusic artists but, it was only sold to a select group of premier clients. I believe there was a lost revenue stream that could have empowered more artists to capitalize from a DIY solution.